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Grace Connection

When believers in Christ come together as one to worship Jesus the Christ, something extraordinary happens. The Bible says the glory of the Lord will be made noticeable for the world to see, so they may believe and experience the same glory we are experiencing, which is His Grace. (John 17:21-23)

It is through this synergistic fellowship as believers that we will move as one single impenetrable unit for the purpose of loving each other, meeting each others needs, and together spreading the Gospel to all the four corners of the earth, so the world may believe in this beautiful Gospel called Grace that reveals the righteousness that is by faith. Coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress, but having genuine fellowship out of love is unity. Let us lift each other up! 

It's in the heart of Joyner Briceño Ministries to honor ministry friends that have been faithful in preaching the Gospel of Grace around the world.

Ministry Friends

Bas Rijksen

Ministry : Communicationg Grace

Website :

Andres Neira

Ministry : Generacion de Gracia

Website :

Paul and Fran Noble

Ministry : God's Grace Works

Website :

Mark Hicks

Ministry : Mark Hicks Ministries

Website :

Rob Radosti

Ministry : Kingdom Dwellers International

Website :

Lead Pastor Joshua Preston

Ministry : Forever Grace Ministries

Website :

Ed Elliott "The Vagabond Evangelist"

Ministry : Word of Life World Outreach

Website :

Pastor Mark Wallace

Ministry : The Grace Center

Website :

Bishop Derrick Day

Ministry : Derrick Day Ministries

Website :

Lucas Miles

Ministry : Oasnet

Website :

Tom Tompkins

Ministry : Winlight Ministries

Website :

Brad Robertson

Ministry : Simply Grace Encouragement & Enrichment Center

Website :

Evangelist John W. Reed

Ministry : All the Time Ministries

Website :

  John J. Withington

Ministry : Grace Revolution Ministries

Website :

Haans Erlandson

Ministry : Haans Erlandson Ministries

Website :

Dr. Lewis Gregory

Ministry : Source Ministries International

Website :

Susan Deschaine

Ministry : Emmaus Road Ministries

Website :

Reginald Fleets

Ministry : Reginald Fleets Ministries

Website :

Dr. Jack Elder & Dr. Charlene Elder


Website :

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Meet Joyner & Ruth

Meet Joyner & RuthJoyner Briceño is a teacher of the Gospel of Grace of Jesus Christ in the United States and the world. He has been commissioned by God to bring back Jesus to the Church through the same radical Grace message that Paul preached in his day.

As an adolescent, Joyner received Jesus into his heart. With the intentions of seeking relationship with God, he became extremely zealous but not according to knowledge, thus becoming a modern day Pharisee. He believed that the way of obtaining Grace came through his performance and obedience to God.


This Year's Message

This Month´s MessageLet Grace take root in your life as you increase in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and His perfect work at the cross.


Speaking Engagement

Speaking EngagementThrough our website, you will know the locations, dates and times of our events and conferences around the United States and the world.



Testimonies Let God edify you through these wonderful testimonies of people that have been impacted radically through the Gospel of Grace.


Grace Partners

Grace Partners Ruth and I have a heart desire to see the lives of others impacted and transformed radically just as it has impacted yours.