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Joyner Briceño Ministries

Has this ministry impacted you in a radical way?  If so, we would like to hear from you.  It could be from an answered prayer or any breakthrough or miracle you have experienced.  There is nothing more powerful than a testimony because nobody can argue against your experience with Grace.  This is an effective way to lift up others so they may be encouraged and continue to believe in the gospel of grace that enables us to walk firmly through life.  Thank you for wanting to be a blessing.  The Lord continues to bless you richly in all areas of your life.  Please use this form to share your testimony with us.

Meet Joyner & Ruth

Meet Joyner & RuthJoyner Briceño is a teacher of the Gospel of Grace of Jesus Christ in the United States and the world. He has been commissioned by God to bring back Jesus to the Church through the same radical Grace message that Paul preached in his day.

As an adolescent, Joyner received Jesus into his heart. With the intentions of seeking relationship with God, he became extremely zealous but not according to knowledge, thus becoming a modern day Pharisee. He believed that the way of obtaining Grace came through his performance and obedience to God.


This Year's Message

This Month´s MessageLet Grace take root in your life as you increase in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and His perfect work at the cross.


Speaking Engagement

Speaking EngagementThrough our website, you will know the locations, dates and times of our events and conferences around the United States and the world.



Testimonies Let God edify you through these wonderful testimonies of people that have been impacted radically through the Gospel of Grace.


Grace Partners

Grace Partners Ruth and I have a heart desire to see the lives of others impacted and transformed radically just as it has impacted yours.